Ellie Botterill Level 4 voluntary winner!

Ellie Botterill of Slough GC is a super talented little gymnast. Ellie won this years voluntary competition by over a mark. She did a stunning beam, scoring 13.8, and even got a mention in a tweet by the junior national coach Nick Rudduck! She went clean on all pieces, winning floor and Beam. She came 5th on bars and 8th on vault!

Learn more about Ellie…. (whose coach is also called Ellie ! ) !

Age: 9

Club: Slough

Hours a week trainning : 21

Coach: Ellie Jones

Favourite Piece : Beam

Favourite Move: Side somi’s but my coach doesn’t let me do them!

What do you want to learn in the future? Flic to 1 flic to 2 straight back – on beam!

Ambition for the future: To win the Olympics

Other Hobbies: I go to ‘ the Barbra Speak Stage School’ where I do Singing dancing and acting, but singing is my favourite.

Why did you start gymnastics?:  I used to jump around a lot , so my mum told me to go to gymnastics because she got sick of it.

What had been your favourite competition so far? British Voluntary Level 4

Whats your Favourite piece to train and whats your favourite piece to compete on:Beam


What has been your hardest move to learn so far?  Not one move, but I would say Vault!!

Tell me a funny story from training ? : My team-mate Amelie was doing a short clear to handstand on the high bar, and didn’t make it, but instead of letting go and bridging out onto the mat she tried to hold on, so she pinged off the bar backwards and shot over the low bar and landed in front support, we named it the ‘Morgan’ !

An unfortunate fall on floor at compulsory 4 put her down in 12th. So even with this 12th place from compulsory she was a combined 2nd place overall! Her team-mate Amelie Morgan had a fall on bars, but still managed to come 10th, and her score from compulsory put her in 4th combined overall.

Ellie said she feels ‘ just a little bit’ of pressure since winning the level 4 voluntary competition, and it now going to start working towards level 3 next year!
You can see Ellie’s routines Here